Transfer Center of Knowledge, Innovation & Technology (TCKIT)

About Academy



TCKIT Academy is operating in the development of future managers on several levels:

1. TCKIT Academy is developing contacts between universities internationally to establish Master's programs, e.g. between German and Iranian universities

2. TCKIT Academy is offering certificate programs to train future or new-appointed managers in the field of management

3. TCKIT Academy is offering single seminars and workshops about different topics with well-selected trainers with hands-on experience in their fields.

--> Seminars are transferring the relevant management know-how to technical staff with management ambitions including exercises. The output of a seminar is an increase of the management capabilities of the participants. --> In Workshops, management know-how is applied to solve a predefined challenged to the company. The output of the workshop is the solution for a challenge.  


 TCKIT  Academy is a member of the iMOVE Network  



TCKIT Academy is a division of Kohlert & Company GmbH,Germany






Studied management at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. His main topics are corporate accounting, corporate finance, controlling, risk-controlling, process management and project management.Many years of experience as consultant, trainer and lecturer, e.g. Daimler Finance Academy Studied economic sciences at Hohenheim University,Germany and wrote his doctorate thesis about topic in the automotive supply industry. Dr. h.c. from Kiew National University of Technologies an Design (KNUTD) He is serving as consultant and trainer for numerous companies and organizations. His main topics are industrial marketing for engineers, international marketing and entrepreneurship for engineers. He is author of various books and articles