Transfer Center of Knowledge, Innovation & Technology (TCKIT)

Innovation Service Center

In today’s modern business world, competiveness is the most determinant factor for survival of a business. This competition is no longer just depends on capital, but there is an important factor which is named” innovation”. This concept ensures the survival of enterprises in today’s world business conditions.

Accordingly, TCKIT-Germany provides for you consulting services in order to increase income of industrial units in different parts of the enterprise through innovative techniques. Our main process is as follows:

1-Holding workshop and completing relevant questionnaires by client executive managers as the firm’s determiners

2-Holding workshop and completing relevant questionnaires by client experts as the firm’s decision makers

3-Presenting final report including:

   3-1-Analysing received answers according to questionnaires in the levels of top managers, executive managers and  experts

   3-2- Innovation strategy

   3-3-Innovation results

   3-4-Innovation organization & culture

   3-5-Innovation life cycle process

   3-6-Enabling factors for innovation


It should be noted that presenting innovative strategies is based on accurate description of the enterprise situation in the world in three fields of product, services and organizational process. Finally exact orientation of enterprise in order to increase it’s income will be defined.

Our main characteristic in this process is supporting the enterprise with the help of international experts. TCKIT-Germany is your innovative companion. We believe that our profit is based on the more you earn






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